În ultima perioadă, turiști din mai multe țări au plătit bilete de avion foarte scumpe pentru a călători în Suedia, crezând că aici totul decurge ca înainte de izbucnirea pandemiei de coronavirus.

Ministrul de externe suedez, Ann Linde, a explicat de ce acesta este un mit și că doar în aparență în Suedia nu s-a schimbat nimic.

Ambasada Suediei din Bucureşti / Sveriges ambassad i Bukarest

Sweden’s strategy to tackle the coronavirus is similar to that adopted by many other countries even though it has not been put into lockdown, two cabinet members say.

“It is a myth that life goes on as normal in Sweden,” Foreign Minister Ann Linde told a webcast press briefing on Friday.

Sweden has drawn international attention over not introducing a lockdown and – unlike several neighbouring countries – not closed restaurants or bars.

Guests must be served sitting at tables – with a safe distance from each other.

“Many people stay at home and have stopped travelling, many business are collapsing, unemployment is expected to rise dramatically,” she added.

“There is no full lockdown of Sweden but many parts of Swedish society have shut down,” Linde said.

Linde attended the briefing with Lena Hallengren, minister for health and social affairs, and Johan Carlson who heads the Public Health Agency.

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