Locul unde va avea loc protestul de mîine in Göteborg. Românii se aduna pentru Rosia Montana Simbata. 21 Sep. 15:30


Locul unde va avea loc protestul de mîine in Göteborg

It’s time to step up and show our disagreement with the cyanide mining project at Rosia Montana.
It’s important to show to the Romanian government and mass-media, that citizens all over the world, and as well in Sweden, are concerned about the disastrous effects of the project.
Similar protests have been organized in many cities outside Romania: Stokholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amesterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Athene, Torino and many others.
Now it’s time to show that we care about our nature and that we are in Vezi mai mult

sursa :  Gothenburg potests against cyanide mining at Rosia Montana


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